Haji Miranda creates sculptural imaginings reflecting a life spent in exploration. At age 14, barefoot and bright eyed, she found herself alone in the world, but for the drawing supplies beneath her arm and a head full of dreams. Having crossed the country from Minnesota to New Mexico, Haji came upon the opportunity to learn the art of stone cutting and inlay work/intarsia, as a jeweler’s apprentice. Ever curious and experimenting, she also became an accomplished gold and silver smith.

Over the years, Haji has honed her artistic skills in studios from Arizona and New Mexico to Hawai'i, New York, India and Ecuador. Being of Asian Indian and multi-European descent herself, interest in varied cultures and the study of their philosophies led Haji to found a fair trade jewelry company in
India called Under One Sun. A project dear to her heart, for most of a decade Haji brought together people of diverse backgrounds and differing religious philosophies in India, to stand on equal ground with the skills of their trade as a common language, as they created a unique collection of jewelry findings. Meanwhile back in the US, she educated people about the importance of fair trade, traveling through most of the 50 States for trade shows, artist trunk shows and lectures, while also homeschooling her son, Kaleo.

After several decades as a jewelry artist, Haji is currently exploring mixed media and sculpture on a larger scale, allowing years of ideas and dreamings to take form, beyond the limits of what can reasonably adorn a human body! She delights in discovering new mediums, and then bending all the rules, as she brings unusual materials and techniques together in her own unique way.
Haji's work tells tales of the times in which we live, with intention to open eyes, awaken minds, and inspire a productive dialogue about the world we share. She resides in Tucson, the colorful moods and magnificence of the desert having tamed her nomadic ways, or perhaps it's simply the challenge of sinking roots into the hardest of earth.